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9 Tips That Will Help You Sell Your House in Marina Del Rey


Setting the right price when selling your Marina Del Rey home:

As a seller in Marina Del Rey the home needs to be set at the right price. If the buyers think the price is too high they, along with their agents, might assume you’re not serious about selling or not willing to negotiate. Therefore, they will, most likely, not even consider previewing your home.

Enhance your front lawn appeal:

This includes adding new sod, planting flowers, painting the front door, or adding a new mailbox. From the moment prospective buyers view your Marina Del Rey home, the ‘curb appeal’ is a key tool to use. Driving up to the location and seeing a well maintained home will set high expectations of the home.


Update the interior of the home:

Apply a new fresh coat of paint to give your home a new makeover. Interior updates, such as paint, will give your Marina Del Rey home an upgraded look. The last thing you want is to have your Marina Del Rey home look old and outdated.


Clean, Declutter, and Depersonalize:

The fewer things there are in the home, the larger it will look, so remove any objects such a knickknacks and excess furniture. Take down family photos, religious items and political posters so prospective buyers can envision their family’s lifestyle in their new house, not yours. A good tip to consider; you may want to hire a cleaning crew to deep clean. This will give the home a ‘brand new home’ look to it.

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Make your property easy to see:

Show your potential buyers that you are flexible when it comes to open houses. Also, be ready for prospect visitors early in the morning, evening, and night with little notice. This is a great way to have them consider purchasing your Marina Del Rey house.

Remove your pets from the property:

We all love our cute furry little animals roaming the home, but some prospective buyers don’t. It is best to keep all dog dishes and cat litter very clean to avoid making the deal go bad.

Listing Generation System

Make sure your listing is registered in all online portals:

It doesn’t hurt to double-check that your listing is properly posted on Zillow, Trulia and Social Media is a great tool for your selling agent to showcase the home. Facebook is one of the big time tools sellers should be using.

Ensure the listing have good photos, and lots of them too:

Most homeowners do their research online and choose the properties they like based on the photos they see. You should consider something better than just a regular snapshot taken quickly with a phone.  Show the great aspects of the home with pictures. Say you have a great view of the beach front, make sure there is a great angle of the view.

Share information about life in the neighborhood:

Check your listing and add pictures of nearby recreation, dining, and shopping areas. If there are good campuses around, make sure that information is on the listing as well. Remember you are not only marketing the home, but the Marina Del Rey lifestyle as well.


These tips will help you sell your house in Marina Del Rey. For more Professional Real Estate Services please contact Bob and Cheryl at (310) 985-5427 or email at [email protected]. For all of Bob and Cheryl’s listings please click here. Sellers only pay 1% to 4% sales commission when listing with us!

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