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Partners to Profit

Why let an investor purchase your home “AS IS” for them to remodel and sell at TOP DOLLAR? Don’t let the lack of funds or the time managing a remodel project get in your way. Instead, partner with PRES and sell your updated property at TOP DOLLAR (310-985-5427). Why? Because Bob Herrera, the partnership manager licensed as a California Real Estate Broker, has the team, tools and strategies in place to effectively and efficiently provide the funding and the project management. The PRES Team, from loans, design, renovating, selling and closing escrow, has the knowledge and experience you need to receive a higher sales price. With over 34 years of experience, Bob will present you with the best plan of action for achieving TOP DOLLAR for your property.


  • The Home Owner
    • PTP begins with home owner/s who wants to sell their property for more than its current value.
    • the property needs work, updating and remodeling
  • Determine Base Property Value
    • the fixer’s current market value is based on ‘as is condition’.
  • The Project Manager
    • pays for all repairs and remodeling.
  • The Home Owner
    • continues to pay mortgage, property tax, insurance, applicable HOA costs/fees.
  • The Project Manager
    • executes the entire sale of the finished project.
  • PTP Net Profits
    • subject to the deduction of the base property value, costs of repairs and remodeling, as well as, selling costs from the gross proceeds; net profits are divided at the close of escrow.
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