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Management Service / Fees


Never hesitate to call me for details. In the meantime, here is a quick overview of the PRES NOW Property Management service inclusive of, but not limited to, the following;

  • PRES
    • Handles all property and tenant issues
    • Hires trades-people to prepare the home for lease (paint, flooring, cleaning property/windows and all repairs/updates)
    • Uses trades-people handling all matters of a property
    • Deals directly with the HOA Boards and HOA management companies
    • Checks the property condition upon tenant vacating
  • PRES
    • Management fees are 5% with Home Warranty Policy
    • Management fees are 6% without the Home Warranty Policy
  • PRES leasing fee for the property is 6% of the annual rents received, paid only on first year of tenancy.
  • OWNER takes care of any property mortgage, insurance, HOA payments and any RSO or city mandated rental registration applications and associated costs/fees.
  • WHEN SELLING benefit from our 1-4% Listing Commission strategy offering a world class marketing system.


    Always reach out to us with questions, concerns and to review contracts for representation.


    California Department of Real Estate License ID 01411372: PRES.NOW Inc
    California Department of Real Estate License ID 00910859: Bob Herrera

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